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Niki Fletcher

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist



We all have a story to tell, and our bodies never forget. 

Is it time you listened?

Often past events become held and "stuck" in the body not allowing the whole self to heal.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a non-diagnostic body based approach to create dialog in order to help one find their inner wisdom (or truth) so that they may fully heal.  A session uses the body in supported posture or movement to explore "what's happening now" and how it presents in daily life. 

After working in mental health for a number of years and finding my own healing through yoga I realized that there had to be another way to help those suffering from PTSD, trauma, anxiety and depression, to name a few.

I stumbled across Phoenix Rising, have had a few success stories of my own and have never looked back.  I am a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and am currently working towards an international accreditation through IAYT and Phoenix Rising.  I am also a yoga teacher and a practitioner for life.

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